2016 Teen Scholarship Awards—Education is our goal

Scholarship awards are the backbone of the Miss Michigan Scholarship Pageant. The scholarship fund provides educational opportunities to many young women across the State of Michigan. The opportunity to contribute to the scholarship fund is offered statewide.

The following cash scholarships are awarded to an accredited college of the winners choice upon enrollment.

Miss Outstanding Teen $1,000
+ Entry MAOT Fee
 Kendra Lodewyk
First Runner-Up $700  Kritin Penrose
Second Runner-Up $500  Emma Scheibert
Third Runner-Up $300  Amanda Coy
Fourth Runner-Up $200 Colleen Issel
Preliminary Talent Winner (Contestants 1-12) $200  Kendra Lodewyk
Preliminary Talent Winner (Contestants 13-23) $200  Amanda Coy
Vanessa Chambe Miss Congeniality Award  $200  Holly Fort

Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen’s competition and appearance wardrobe is proudly provided by Viper Apparel, Bridgeport, MI.



Generally there are only a few steps to follow to receive awarded scholarships. Contestants must annually review and sign the appropriate Scholarship Rules & Regulations form to be eligible. Scholarship payments are paid only to accredited institutions directly, student loans are not paid.