The People’s Choice Awards

For only $5, you can vote for your favorite contestant for this year’s Miss Michigan and Miss Michigan’s Outstanding Teen People’s Choice Awards. Vote for as many contestants as you wish, and as many times as you wish. Every five dollars you donate applies one vote for your favorite contestant ($10 donated applies 2 votes, $15 donated applies 3 votes. etc.).

Results of these votes will determine which two Miss and which two Teen contestants will be named the People’s Choice winners, which guarantees them a spot as a Semi-Finalist in their respective competitions plus a $500/Miss, $250/Teen, scholarship! Voting will be available from May 1 until 9pm on June 13th for the Teen, and until 9pm on June 16th for the Miss.

Proceeds from the People’s Choice voting will help fund the People’s Choice scholarship award and other Miss Michigan’s scholarships. Thank you for your generosity in voting.

Cast a vote for your favorite Miss

Cast a vote for your favorite Teen